Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What's Happening with Your Process?

It occurred to me today that I've been writing this blog now for six months and have received precious little input by way of "comments" from my readers. Why is that? I wondered this aloud to myself then went back and re-read some of my earlier posts. Well.....it seems I've been so busy talking about me and my experience(s) and haven't clearly indicated that I'm really, sincerely, dyingly (I think this is a great word and should be in the dictionary) interested in gaining some insight into YOUR experience(s) as well. After all, give and take is a great and better way to spend a life. Don't you think?

So......"Painting in Progress vs. Progress in Painting", posted below on June 12th tells about my processes in painting in the studio vs. painting en plein air. The big question is...how about you? What is your process and does it or does it not work well for you? Does reading about my process help or hinder you? Are you even an artist or are you a non-artist interested in art? Does knowing my process help you understand how artists think, see and plot our destinies? What are you doing to find/help/hinder your own?

HELP, help, help! I'd like to know what you think about "process".

Boy! Do I feel better now? You bet I do, but I'll feel even better as soon as I read your comments about the joys of and/or frustrated lack of a process.

Have a great day and don't forget to click on the envelope below so you can email/post your thoughts and ideas for me to read. I'm waiting with bated breath and heart racing.....

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Beth Niquette said...

Hi there! I'm so sorry I haven't been by your blog for awhile. Please don't stop what you are doing in this blog.

I find it to be entertaining, informative and downright inspiring.

I have not had any art training--your blog has been like gold to me.