Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Color Sketching Workshop

My unique no fuss, no muss, one brush method of sketching strengthens the intuitive use of the three value system in all other areas of my work as well as honing the ability to work quickly and capture gesture effectively. Below are examples from my various sketchbooks. YOU CAN DO THIS TOO.

Color sketching is my favorite way to accumulate knowledge of subjects and understand color mixing while keeping up my drawing skills. I decided to offer a color sketching workshop out of my Williamston, MI studio on July 8/9, 2010 to help other artists learn the simplistic approach to color sketching that I've developed over the years. This workshop is of great value for all artists...not just watercolorists. Because of the simplicitiy of technique, it is especially helpful to those folks who have little time to devote to their painting and especially helpful on vacations when time to create is limited.

All sketches show here are approximately 5x8" or smaller.

Contact Sharon Griffes Tarr for workshop info via www.SGTarr.com


Beth Niquette said...

These are just fascinating--reading your blog today--I have a mind to try watercolor again. Thank you for your fine instruction!

hlydonart said...

Love the watercolor study at Copper Harbor. Small, vibrant studies like that have a fresh energy and in my eyes they are as beautiful and valuable as studio paintings.

Christine said...

I love your little sketch books, so glad you posted a few for all to see.