Saturday, March 6, 2010

Experimenting with Technique

"Untitled" (detail), oil on canvas

Winters are seemingly endless in Michigan and at times I feel a need to scratch my creative in the studio during the white months. I have always enjoyed applying "what if" to my work. This winter I've jogged myself a bit by alternating techniques. To begin, I considered my normal process and the various techniques I use. I then switched the emphasis to lesser used techniques and found that my work took on a fresh look.

For instance, in "Summer Remnants" (see January, 2010 post entitled, "Winter Painting") I dramatized soft edges. In another, as yet untitled work in progress (see detail above), dry brushing dominates. The direct opposite of what I normally do. It's been fun to redirect my process in opposing ways that have created unexpected and happy results. I've not really changed my process, simply altered the emphasis.

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