Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dogs in the Field

Sporting and working dogs will take to the fields in April to begin learning the fine art of tracking, retrieving and herding, from their trainers. If you've never watched

"Friends", (detail), 16 x20 oil on canvas

them work you've missed one of the greatest joys in the life of these dogs. Joy is the only word I can think of as you watch them work a field. Their eagerness and quick thinking belies their remarkable natural abilities. They are bred to work and work they do with wonderful enthusiasm.

The detail of "Friends" above, shows "Jack", a farm dog, who, trained as a puppy, herded his owners cattle to the fields and back to the barn at the end of the day for milking without human commands other than, "Jack, get the cows". He did this daily with eagerness and joy for most of his life without human intervention. It is dogs such as "Jack" that gave me a life-long sense of awe and respect for their intellegence and for the folks who love working with them.

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Beth Niquette said...

This is a beautiful painting. It fills my eyes, which is the greatest compliment I can give.