Sunday, April 18, 2010

Recent Pastels

While oil remains my medium of choice for its tactile properties I often use pastels and watercolors for developing ideas and sketching, such as in "Fergie" (below) of an eight week old pup.

"Fergie", 9x12", pastel on sanded paper

Unlike some instructors, I prefer to keep enrollment in my classes and workshops limited to 12 students or less for several reasons. Small classes ensure that each student receives plenty of individual attention from me during painting sessions. In addition, it allows me to work along with my students so they can watch me develop a piece to completion over a period of time. The still life's below were painted in such a way. Each took several weeks to complete in my pastel classes, not because of their complexity but rather because I work only for a few minutes at a time between making rounds with my students. This method of teaching has proven extremely valuable to students.

"Still life with Fan", 9x12", pastel on sanded paper

"Still life in Orange and Blue", 12x9", pastel on sanded paper

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Beth Niquette said...

What lovely soft artwork--I admire anyone who can work in pastels. I have tried and realized it just isn't my medium...These pictures just fill my eyes. Thank you for sharing!