Sunday, February 21, 2010

Silverman on Sensationalism

For a number of years the art world has been in a flux casting about trying to figure out where we should go from modernism. In reviewing Burton Silverman's exceptional website (link at right under "Websites of Interest") I noted on his "Commentary" page a section entitled, "Realism in the Century of Modernism". He succinctly describes the turmoil the art world has been in over the past 50 years and the current trend to sensationalize.

Keeping true to ones self as an artist is a truly difficult thing to do as we are bombarded by external factors every way we turn in our daily lives. TV, movies, the media, magazines, etc. all impact what we do, what we think, and how we feel. It becomes ever more difficult for artists to focus on their own internal message and to express self. Finding a quiet place within and outside of ourselves to contemplate who we are and what we have to say as artists is ultimately essential if we wish to follow our own unique individual path. I can only say, "Bravo" to Mr. Silverman for understanding this and having the foresight and courage to stay the course throughout his career. His example of individualism is clearly an ideal towards which we should all strive.

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